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A word from the Chief Executive Officer

In a world undergoing constant change, we must confront profound upheavals in our society.
We live in an age of a revolution of information and communication, which directly impacts our way of life. Citizens seek more and more information, consume differently, and think differently about the future… These new concerns are the reflection of a collective sense of awareness, based on the search for a new balance between the environment, man and business.

These changes in behaviour require that we readjust the way of operating in our profession, because both the process for improving a brand's visibility as well as the methods of mobilising the public have changed drastically.

We have catered for these upheavals very quickly in our strategy. We have put new organisations in place, developed new forms of communication and rethought our jobs in a more responsible and pertinent manner.

This sense of innovation is quite engrained in our genes. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we confront these new issues in our society.

Our only concern is our clients, and the impact that they will have, both on the market and in society. This is our motto.


Laurent TAIEB

General Manager

« We live in an age of a revolution of information and communication »

a global communication agency


manages all the jobs linked to communication:

market analysis, advice and recommendations regarding media strategy, creating visuals (written, audiovisual, radio and web press), creating supports (catalogues, brochures, magazines, newsletters, etc.), buying advertising space, public relations, press relations, financial communication, public affairs.

This global approach allows us to build efficient and pertinent transversal strategies.

Experience and understanding the economic, political and media environment allow PRESTIGE COMMUNICATION to help its clients – businesses and their leaders – in the development of their communication strategy, and to help their teams with its implementation.

Every business or institution, whether French or international, has a responsibility combine its development policy with a communication strategy so as to master its image and establish its credibility.

Effective working methods


offers its clients the possibility to:

• Create a diagnostic image
• Define objectives and targets of utmost importance for communication
• Build a communication strategy
• Guide its implementation through: the identification and enhancing of central themes, the development of key messages, the sensitising of media, accompanying the organisation and the management of institutional and media contacts.

For each of its clients, whether French or international, PRESTIGE COMMUNICATION offers a tailor-made communication strategy geared toward various special targets: public opinion, clients, employees, shareholders and the institutional world.


helps its clients with the management of:

• The identification of press supports of utmost importance in their communication strategy
• The establishment of contacts with journalists
• The development of communication tools and press relations organisation (files, press releases and press kits, conferences, etc.)

The in-depth knowledge of off and online media, economic players, financial markets and public authorities allows PRESTIGE COMMUNICATION to effectively accompany its clients in the definition and implementation of their strategy, as well as in the development of all the creative supports with the aim of delivering an adapted, pertinent message.



Proposing a tangible alternative to traditional press relations approaches, so as to help companies occupy a favourable position on their market of choice and to support them with their strategy of global communication.
- The Media Relations pole is positioning itself as a multi-specialist agency which enhances specific actions on the 4 vehicles of communication (press, radio, TV and internet) through the Press Relations in the general sense and through media partnerships
- All strategies, actions and specificities form a consistent and transversal offer
- Each client is dealt with by a dedicated team, organised like an editorial staff, and benefiting from a sort of double expertise; by media typology and by sector.


Journalists are our partners, we are our clients' partners.

PUBLIC relations


Acting on attitudes and behaviour
- Accompanying your requests by directing your entire communication strategy or by periodically intervening during a mission, with regards to Brand Public Relations, Corporate Public Relations, General Public or Press Relations Events (institutional, products or NICT).
- Offering powerful solutions in terms of image, reputation, credibility, visibility and proximity.
- Finding the best fields of interaction between you and your public (internally, distributors, partners, key audiences, clients or consumers).


Picking up trends and establishing connections
- Being attentive to evolutions and changes in lifestyles that are likely to influence and impact your communication actions.
- Offering you creative solutions that are in tune with the realities of your market


Having a transversal creative approach
- Utilising the skills of various professionals in charge of different functions in the agency to come up with original solutions.
- Putting our creative expertise at your disposal .


Prestige communication

In the heart of Paris, an agency of excellence at your service...